The Chateau de Pallandt


Located 30 km south of Brussels in Brabant Wallon, between Nivelles and Wavre, Chateau Pallandt is a private property owned by the same family  for more than three centuries.Le Château de Pallandt

Description and History

 The Chateau of Palandt is nestled in the Brabant Wallon, at the doorstep of Brussels, the Capital of Europe. The setting is unspoiled and privileged in the midst of a forest of over 100 ha with a beautifully landscaped garden and with century-old trees at the end of a path of beech trees overlooking ponds.

The family property where the current owner was born, has maintained its character, combining family history and at the same time adaptingto the modern world without abandoning the past. For nearly four centuries the estate has not been sold and is now in the hands of Baron and Baroness d' Hooghvorst.

Demolished and rebuilt several times, the current building was remodelled at the start of the twentieth century. The great hall with its staircase has a large gallery of portraits and family memories. The dining room with its tapestries and monumental fireplace, where breakfast is served at the large dining table, gives this house a warm and cosy atmosphere.

In the eighteenth century the ancient seigniory "WEZ" entered in to the  "Pallandt" family which took over the name from the former lord. It is this family who commissioned the park described in the famous atlas du Comte de Ferraris dated 1777.
During the early twentieth century renovation of the chateau, the grandfather of the current owner called upon the renowned French garden designer Achille Duchêne, who also restored the gardens of theChateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte in France.

In the spring, majestic rhododendrons, wild azaleas,wild blue hyacinths and lily of the valley fill the park and the woods with magical colours andwonderful scents.




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